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The course presents the history of radio communication, radio spectrum and licencing. The course also introduces the students to the fundamentals of wireless including signal propagation, path loss, fading, antennas and modulation. Network architectures, including cellular. Medium access control, including contention-based, scheduled, and polled are also revisited in the context of wireless systems. A set of protocol case studies are considered including IEEE 802.11 (WiFi), Mobile IP and IPV6 mobility support, protocols handling the Impact of wireless on transport layer, specifically TCP, and novel protocols for adhoc and sensor networks.


The course presents the evolution of cellular telecommunication networks, including transition from analog to digital. Important core concepts such as cellular architectures, frequency reuse, capacity planning are also presented. Other investigated topics include public switched telephone systems, including SS7 signaling protocol. GSM and 3G-architecture, services, protocols are covered. The course concludes by covering service design and deployment, including Integrated Multimedia Services (IMS).