@ Nile University

CIT606: Fundamentals of Networking

This course covers fundamental concepts in modeling and performance evaluation of Computer networks. The course introduces the students to the fundamentals of Markov theory for both continuous and discrete systems. The course then introduces the student to different queuing Models including the basic M/M/* family and different variations of M/G/1 queues. The course also covers both open and closed network of queues. During the course, these models are linked to queuing models and examples in Computer networks. The course also includes projects relevant to computer networks and the students present their projects at the end of the course.

CIT630: Design of Communication Systems

 The course provides the students with the fundmentals of digital communication system design. The student is first introduced to the main components of a digital communication system. The course then addresses the problem of sending one bit optimally over an additive white gaussian noise channel. The obtained results and learnt lessons from the simple case are then generalized in case of sending more bits. Complexity management techniques are then investigated for a simpler system implementtion followd by an analysis for using more spectrum efficient wave forms.  Finally, using orthognal modulation with memory is studied.