Current Students 

Name Program Institution Research Topic
Alexander Reviakin PhD (2015) University College Cork  Improving Video Streaming QoE using SDN techniques 
 Ahmed Khalid  PhD (2015)   University College Cork  Efficient Large Scale Video Streaming  using SDN
Darijo Raca  PhD (2015) University College Cork  Improving Video Streaming Performance Using Network-based techniques 
 Amr Nasr   MSc (2014) Cairo University    Mobility Support using SDN 
IliasTsompanidis PhD (2010) University College Cork Resource Allocation in Heterogeneous Wireless Networks


Previous Students

Name Program Last Known Location
  Ghada Gamal Rizk MSc (2012-2016) Researcher at Cairo University 
AVIS: Adaptive Video Streaming Tool
 Mohamed Khairy MSc (2013-2015)  
 A Novel Framework For Scalable Video Streaming Over Multi-Channel Multi-Radio Wireless Mesh Networks
 Samar Ibrahim Ali MSc (2012-2016) Researcher at Zewail City University 
Thesis: Scalable HTTP streaming using Dynamic Connections 
 Yahia Shabara MSc (2012-2015) PhD student at Ohio State University
Thesis: Efficient Spectrum Access Strategies for Cognitive Radios
 Hisham Elhelw MSc (2009-2014)  Intel-Germany
Thesis: Energy Efficient MAC Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks
 Ahmed Salama MSc (2012-2014)  PhD studet at University of Arizona 
 Thesis:  Energy Efficient Spectrum Sensing In Cognitive Radio Networks
Jason Quinlan   PhD (2010-2014)  Postdoc at University College Cork
 Thesis: Efficient delivery of Scalable Media Streaming over Lossy Networks
Moataz Fouad
 MSc (2009-2014)  Valeo Egypt
Thesis:  Adaptive Radio Duty Cycling in ContikiMAC: A Framework for WSN Objective Management
Eslam Samy
 MSc (2011-2014)   Researcher at Qatar University
  Thesis:  Relay-Assisted Switching On/Off Techniques For Energy-Efficient Networks
Abubakr Omar Alabbasi   MSc (2011-2014) PhD student at Purdu Universit
  Thesis: Cost Efficient Media Streaming Strategies for Heterogeneous Wireless Networks
Mai H. Elsherief   MSc (2011-2013)  PhD Student@ UC Santa Barbara 
  Thesis: Similarity and Information Theoretic Framework for Opportunistic Mobile Social Networks
Ayman T. Abdel-Hamid   MSc (2011-2013)  PhD Student@ University of Pittersburg

Thesis:  Improving Spectrum Mobility and Multichannel Spectrum Sensing in Cooperative Cognitive Radio Networks 
Liping (Caroline) Chen M.Sc. (2009-2010) Software Developer@ magictimeapps, Ireland
Thesis: Vertical handover algorithm implementation for heterogeneous wireless networks
Mark Henelly M.Sc. (2009-2010) Software Developer @Ericsson, Irenad
Thesis: IEEE 802.21 Protocol implementation